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Classroom Centers

Creativity And Fun


Our classroom is large and spacious and accommodates many different learning centers.  Activities in centers change with each new theme.  Our most common centers are:

BLP Butterfly Art.jpg

Art Center

A place to draw and paint using a variety of mediums, and to make collages and crafts.

BLP Musical Instruments.jpg

Music Center

A place to listen to music and taped storybooks, and to experiment with musical instruments.

BLP Gym Play.jpg

Movement Centers

A chance to enjoy large motor activities. Open spaces in our classroom are used, and children play in our fully equipped gymnasium.


Library Corner

An opportunity to view books from our own collection and the local libraries.

BLP Puzzles And Games.jpg

Puzzle And Game Center

An area to assemble one of our many puzzles, and play games that include letters, numbers, shapes, colors, patterns, sorting, sequencing and problem solving.

BLP Outdoor Play.jpg

Outside Play Areas

An opportunity to experience the outdoors. Preschoolers play games and use sports equipment in our generous yard space and at the local playground.

BLP Dinosaur Drawing.png

Communication Center

A place to draw and color pictures, and practice writing letters and words.

BLP Dramatic Play.jpg

Dramatic Play Center

A chance to be a firefighter,

astronaut, doctor, chef, baker, grocer, etc. in our rotating dramatic centers.

BLP Block Play.jpg

Block Corner

A place to construct items with building toys, and play with activity sets (castle, space, farm, house, train etc.)

BLP Sensory Play.jpg

Sensory Play Center

An opportunity to use themed accessories and plastic confetti, colored rice, wheat, modeling clay, etc.

BLP Water Play.jpg

Water Play Center

A relaxing place to interact with other children and explore the properties of water.

BLP Celery Experiment.jpg

Science/Discovery Table

An area to observe objects and perform scientific experiments.

BLC Light Table.jpg

Light Table

A place to experiment with color, arrange and sort transparent materials, and trace letters, numbers and shapes.

BLP Felt Board.jpg

Flannel Board

A center to make pictures with felt figures and shapes. 

BLP Raised Garden.jpg

Garden Center

A chance to grow plants indoors and in a raised garden outdoors.

Parent Perspectives:


“There is lots of variety in the program. There are always new and exciting things for the children to do."

"There is a good selection of learning stations. There are lots of different types of toys."

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